Sunday, 23 October 2016

Another Red Fox for Sunday Sketches,

I spent all summer painting a Red Fox.
It was on my easel  for over two months waiting to be finished.
It took time.
I admire Red Fox.
I know they are ruthless killers, I know they are sneaky and will kill a whole chicken coop full of chickens for sport,  but they are good parents, they are clever, they are survivors, communicate with each other beautifully, and yes they are gorgeous.

 The Fox is an animal I paint and sketch often and have been fortunate to see them many times in person and to hear them more times, they make high yipping sounds when communicating with their young,  very distinctive sounds they make.
 The inspiration for this painting was another double exposure photo I had come across on Pintrest similar to the  bear I painted last spring .

The same technique, same idea to create a painting of the photo my way.
Took me all summer,
all summer!
my mind is willing and fingers surely know the way but my eyes will not co operate.
I can see small areas, painting bit by bit but
to take in large areas at a time is difficult, I just don't have  enough peripheral vision now, its sort of like piecing a puzzle or like looking through a spy glass  but I was determined to finish it and I did although it took time.
If you know me at all you know this is not my true nature, not at all.
In the past when a painting was on the easel it was finished quite quickly.
Having the luxury to be able to keep at something til complete has been wonderful all these years.
When the children were younger I painted when time allowed but even then completed projects in good time, most times continuing on until finished.
  But more often than not I was driven by an image in my mind and off I would go, lost to all the world  except that creation waiting to come alive on clean white canvas. 

Things have changed  now, 
 no longer do I paint  big canvases,
 no longer the frantic wild woman completely consumed by  crazy painting binges, leaving paint smears and droplets all over, a trail of destruction in my wake.
It didn't come easy for me this change even as badly as I wanted to change it didn't come easy, it was a slow process, a bumpy road for sure but now I have to slowly plan and think things out,
placing each stroke with care and placement.
It's actually been a great lesson in patience, something I have been found to be sorely lacking in at times.
I spend more time painting in my dreams these days than I do in real life and in my dreams I make a mess and paint as free and as wildly  as I please .
In my dreams the colors are so much brighter.
In my dreams I see perfectly.
But that's OK. 
Nothing stays the same, everything changes, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the worse, as long the goods out weigh the bads all is well.
That's life. 

here he is, 
sort of looks like he's floating doesn't he.
Its been so long since I joined Sunday Sketches, it feels good to be back. 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

hello all,,

I have been gone so long from blogging I almost forgot how.
I needed some time away,
 you know,,
 like we sometimes do,,
 just time away. 
Things are the  same here for the most part, my vision has worsened , as we knew it would and as we know it will but I still keep going forward, no looking back, 
well, I can't see behind me any better than if front of me so there's that.
Over the months I've been away I have a daughter who is now a farmer adding to her collection of critters to include turkeys, ducks , geese and chickens , a beautiful haven they have created.

our youngest grand daughter  shy smiles and curls is now walking, 
our  handsome grandson  is now taller than almost everyone in our whole family ,, 
all except his father who if he were not in a wheel chair would be still a wee bit taller.
Our sweet Gracie Jean is doing well but to be honest many challenges have come her way, and there will always be struggles but many more accomplishments than struggles thank goodness.
such is life.
The days have come and gone since I've last posted,
 the leaves have gone from bud to fallen crispy piles,
 the beautiful flowers are all but finished now, gardens harvested, suntans fading and thoughts of Christmas have started creeping in.
How do the days fly by so fast and yet some feel so terribly long and drawn out. 
I'm still pushing puddles of paint around, for better or worse,, 
I have the desire to paint as strong as ever and in my mind many masterpieces have been painted,
 in real life,,,
not so much but I will never give up, as long as I have the fire within me I will still paint.
I hope you all have been well,
I have much catching up to do,
I will visit you all soon.